Facilities Hire

Our Facilities are available to be hired by community groups and businesses both occasional and regular hire is welcome.

If you require more information or would like to make a booking please contact us, Email: stjohnsalisbury@bigpond.com phone: 82582496

We are unable to hire the space to other religious groups or religious purposes without the written permission of the Archbishop of Adelaide, due to the trusts the property is held under.

Facilities Hire Fees 2019/2020

  • All Costs include shared access to the Kitchen and the Bathrooms.
  • Prices are per hour use; no discounts will apply.
  • Other groups may be using other spaces at the same time as your group
  • If you require more than one space. E.g. Parish Hall and Supper Room, you will need to hire both spaces
  • The Price the Parish will charge will include GST
  • You must hire the space for the entire time you require access in 1 hour blocks.
Space Price per Hour GST Total Price
per hour
Parish Hall $21.00 $2.10 $23.10
Supper Room $27.00 $2.70 $29.70
Narthex $38.00 $3.80 $41.80
Rainbow Room $27.00 $2.70 $29.70
Auditorium $63.00 $6.30 $69.30