First Communion for Children

Admission of Children to Holy Communion before Confirmation

There are three elements consistently present in the New Testament where the language of baptism occurs:
· The gracious act of God through the Spirit.
· The act of the Church in outward sacramental sign.
· The response of the individual in repentance and faith.
Through baptism thus understood we become members of the body of Christ, and are immersed in the whole activity of God. (We die and rise with Christ and are recipients of God’s grace through the life-giving power of the Spirit).

Pastoral Implications
All baptised people (especially children) are potentially communicant members of the church. It is the responsibility of the whole church to nurture all its members. It has been the tradition of our church to expect of those receiving Communion the capacity for faith and repentance.  The pattern in the Diocese of Adelaide has been to admit children, following appropriate instruction, at about the age of 7.
The Decision
The decision to receive Communion should be made by the child with the approval of parents and/or other appropriate sponsors. However, it is the responsibility of the clergy to continually remind the whole congregation of this opportunity.
The Preparation
The preparation should involve the child with as many members of the family as possible. At St.John’s we hold classes during the Season of Lent for Children to be Admitted to their First Communion on Easter Sunday.
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