The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time as we grieve and give thanks for the joy that that person has brought to our lives. As in baptism, we are made one in Christ, so too in death, we are joined with Christ in eternal life.
Several types of funeral services are available at St John’s or can be conducted by the parish priest at another location. These services follow the Anglican liturgy and are individualised in accordance with the deceased and/or family’s wishes.

Frequently asked questions

Do I or my loved one have to be a member of the Church to have a funeral service at St John’s or by its priest?

The Church is available for anyone wanting to have a Christian burial. The parish priest will conduct a Christian funeral service at other locations by arrangement.

Does St John’s have an area available for a gathering afterwards?

Yes, St John’s has the church house and is available to use after a service.

Can I prearrange my funeral service?

The parish priest is more than happy to meet with you to make arrangements for your funeral service. This is often of enormous benefit to your family in a time of grief.

More information

For further information or to make arrangements or receive pastoral care at this time of grief please contact