Chapel AisleMarriage is a gift of God our creator. It is a symbol of God’s unending love for his people, and of the union between Christ and his Church. Marriage is a life long partnership uniting a man and a woman in heart, mind and body. In the joy of their union, husband and wife enrich and respond to each other, growing in tenderness and understanding. Through marriage a new family is formed, where children may be born and grow in secure and loving care. Marriage is therefore to be honoured by all. No one should enter it lightly or selfishly, but responsibly and joyfully, with mutual respect and the promise to be faithful.’ – A Prayer Book for Australia 1995.

If you share this view of marriage, then we invite you to celebrate your wedding day in St John’s Church, Salisbury. The information below answers the most frequently asked questions about marriage in our Church.


How much does it cost to get married at St. John’s Salisbury?

As a church, we encourage couples of get married and we love to be part of it and to pray with you as you make that commitment before God to each other. To make this possible, the cost of getting married at St. John’s is simply $175 for the Celebrant’s cost and an invitation to make a donation towards the building fund.

Are there any special requirements for getting married in the Anglican Church?

Yes. There are some requirements under Church and civil law which govern all marriages, and it is important to check that you comply with these.

Both parties to the marriage must be at least 18 years of age, and at least one must be a baptised Christian in order for you to be married in the Church.

The legal notice of marriage must be completed and given to your Celebrant less than twelve months and more than one month before the wedding day, and copies of your birth certificates (or passports for those born overseas) must be supplied.

One of us has been divorced does that make a difference?

Divorced persons who wish to remarry in the Church need to apply to the Archbishop of Adelaide for permission. This permission is usually granted on the recommendation of the parish priest. However, the Archbishop will want to be assured that you are connected with a Christian community. If you are not, the clergy in the Parish of Salisbury will offer you all the hospitality and help we can.

Do we need to attend Marriage Preparation Classes?

Marriage education has been shown to be of benefit to most couples, and has the capacity to strengthen and enrich your relationship whether you are a young couple marrying from home, or an established couple seeking God’s blessing on an already existing relationship.

All couples are expected to participate in some form of marriage preparation. There is an additional cost for these sessions. More information about Marriage Preparation will be available at the Information Session held on the Second Monday of each month.

What about coming to Church?

When two people marry in the Church they seek God’s blessing and the prayers and support of the Christian community on their relationship.

In the Anglican Parish of Salisbury we celebrate and share the love of God through worship, prayer, study of the scriptures; in our involvement with outreach and social justice efforts; and by seeking to live in God’s ways in every aspect of our lives.

We are pleased to provide the venue for your wedding ceremony, and will support you with our prayers during your time of preparation and on your wedding day. But we also have more to offer, and we invite you to consider becoming a part of our community.

We encourage you to come along to one of our regular services of worship. Some of our services are very traditional, and some are quite informal.

If you would like to  find out more about getting married at our wonderful historic church, Please contact us on phone 08 8258 2496 Email or the contact form below.

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